Usach Technologies, Inc. - Your Partner for Grinding Solutions

Software & Controls

We have our own software department that writes and develops all software in house.  We offer the user friendly, flexible Usach Open Architecture System© using either Siemens or Fanuc control hardware.  If, for commonality reasons, other control hardware is preferred, we can fulfill such requests.

With in house software development capabilities you, the customer, are assured of process driven software development, domestic support and immediate response when necessary.

The Usach Open Architecture System© allows for customer specific developments as well as part specific development.

Part specific proprietary software can also be written.


Intuitive Programming

The Usach Open Architecture System© takes conversational programming to the next level.  Part programs are icon based and are created by simply dragging and dropping the desired operations into the program box.

The program blocks specified are compiled in an ISO code program and downloaded to the CNC.


Advanced Features

The dry run cycle allows the machine operator to walk the machine through a cycle and confirm all grinding and dressing positions.


Unlimited Tool Storage

Because the Usach Open Architecture System© runs on a powerful desktop PC with large hard drive capacity, tool storage is virtually limitless.


Usach Open Architecture System© Customization

The Usach Open Architecture System© can be customized to meet a wide variety of specialized needs.  New parameter input screens and compiler modules can be developed and added to accommodate customer specific applications.  Thread grinding, non-round grinding, curvic coupling grinding, slot grinding, helical blade grinding and other custom cycles are available.




PLC error messages are accompanied by digital photographs.  The PLC ladder logic is accessible to maintenance personnel when more advanced troubleshooting is needed.